Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Is your service really free?
Answer: Our basic service is free, but you would have to subscribe if you want more professional services.

Question: What payment options do you accept?.
Answer: We accept Visa, MasterCard and Verve cards.

Question: How easy is it for me to connect my website to your service?.
Answer: We provide plugins for the most popular frameworks, Please visit our integration page here for more details.

Question: Why should I use your service?.
Answer: Our service was built from the ground up with you the Nigerian merchant in mind. Use our service to improve your customer trust in your store and increase your revenue.

Question: Can I get reviews from my stores old sales records?
Answer: We have a migration service which allows you to collect merchant reviews from your previous orders. Click here for more information.

Question: How do I contact you if I have a problem?
Answer: You can contact us via our contact form found here, and we strive to respond within 24hrs.

Question: How does sharing of product reviews work?.
Answer: Not every store has the reviews of all the products in its inventory. We have a central database of product reviews that merchants can have seamless access to if they are on the right plan.